Common Hosting Types Used By Most Websites

When all the files have been developed and tucked away neatly in a folder, it is time to upload them online and publish. That is where a hosting service comes in. Depending on the type of website and the allocated budget, the following plans can come in handy.

Shared Hosting

When it comes to the lowest budget possible, sharing is the best option. It is where most beginners start from. In the shared model, the host puts numerous users on a single server. One server can have like 3,000 users. The most significant downside is, each user gets a tiny piece of the resources.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is the complete opposite. One user gets a whole server to themselves. They don’t have to fight for resources or space with anyone. This is ideal for websites associated with big companies and attracts very huge traffics throughout the year. With dedicated hosting, the user is allowed a great deal of freedom. They can customise the server whichever way they like. Users have full control over the type of hardware and software elements they use.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud computing and hosting is the latest addition to the technology. With cloud computing, the server is nowhere and everywhere at the same time. One needs to understand the basics of cloud computing before subscribing to cloud hosting. A user connects to a network where they can virtually access resources from different servers within the same network.

With the right web host, a business can reap the full benefits of its online presence. Even though it is important to start slow then build up, it is much more rewarding to invest in the best type of hosting. It may cost a lot at first, but it saves a lot of time and money in the long run.