3 Basic Principles in Web Design for Beginners

A few years back, designing a website was for computer wizards. People who were in need of a site would pay a hefty amount to those who have studied Computer Science. Nowadays, designing a website is a bit easy. There are many tools online which can assist you in creating a site. There are many online tutorials which can help you. If you are not familiar with coded computer language, you need a few basics before you get started.


For your website to attract many visitors, you need a simple but appealing layout. Do not overdo your plan. Overcrowding your design with many columns will make navigation difficult. It has the potential of irritating the user. You need to keep a few things in mind while designing a plan. Make your layout such that everything is visible. You also need to choose a layout which opens in every device including a phone.


After choosing a good layout, you need to make your website beautiful and attractive. You can do this by applying some website graphics. These include images and font type. The picture you put as your theme should speak volumes about what your website entails. Do not choose a random image which portrays what your site does not offer. Do not infringe on copyright while selecting an image.

Choose a suitable font for your website. The recommended fonts are sans for headlines and sans serif for texts because they are easy to read. Make your documents visible. Small fonts also strain the eyes of the readers.

Remember Speed

If want people to keep coming to your website, then make sure that your website takes the least time to open. Avoid large files like videos on your site.

In summary, you need the put the interest of the visitor first while designing a website. Remember many people use mobile phones. Your website should be able to open in any device.