Reef: Off-page Optimisation Specialists

What is off-page optimisation?
Off-page optimisation has been stung by a somewhat negative reputation, particularly techniques that involve backlinks or inbound links. When it became clear that links were essential to search engine ranking procedures, some webmasters went link-crazy. Before long, ill-gotten backlinks became the mainstay of spammers and ‘black-hat’ marketing gurus. However, there are plenty of reasons why off-page optimisation continues to be a critical part of search engine marketing and deserves significant attention.

So, what exactly is involved in the off-page optimisation process?
Links – Gaining one-way links from reputable sources is still an essential off-page optimisation technique, but it must be done carefully and carefully – see ‘Link Building’.

Article submissions – One way to attract visitors to your main commercial website is to create offsite articles on topics highly relevant to the products or services you offer. Articles can provide readers with something informative or educational that might not be appropriate for your main website. Submitting articles to reputable hosting websites is an excellent way to spread the word about your business and its expertise. It is another way of introducing crucial inbound links.

Blogging – Like article submissions, blogging is a way of creating fresh, offsite content that can be used to increase the number of links to your website while also maintaining a connection with a readership of potential customers, using discussions about current events or new products in your area of interest.

Directory submissions are one way potential customers might seek to find you or your business online. By having your website listed in as many online directories as possible, you stand the best chance of being found in business directory searches. Once again, these are an additional source of backlinks.

Blog commenting – Blog commenting is another technique that can link relevant information freely available across the Internet with pages on your website that relate to the topics under discussion in blogs. It involves seeking out appropriate blogs, contributing to the comments area with something that adds value to the debate, and receiving a link back to your website.

Our off-page optimisation services
Our expertise in the procurement of backlinks means that we can help your website gain valuable inbound links from the appropriate sources without incurring the penalties of a mismanaged link-building campaign, which could even result in your website being removed from search engine results. Using experienced SEO copywriters, we can offer a range of article writing and blog writing services and blog and forum commenting services. Directory submissions can be time-consuming and sometimes complicated, but with our expert help, you can quickly get a listing in thousands of online business directories.