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Our link-building service helps you to undertake the most critical aspect of any search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign – obtaining good quality incoming links or backlinks. Backlinks are among the top ranking factors for most search engines, which makes link-building a critical part of the SEO process. Our experienced link-building professionals have developed successful link-building strategies for businesses worldwide. We provide focused and measured backlink campaigns that generate good-quality inbound links to push web pages into high-ranking positions.

What is link-building?

Link building is a process used in search engine optimisation. The premise behind link building is that you boost a website’s ranking in the search engine results pages by increasing the number of inbound links from other relevant websites, web forums and blogs. Increasing the volume of inbound links from other websites to your main commercial website helps to improve its ranking position because search engines interpret links from other web pages as being like a ‘vote of confidence’ and subsequently will rank your pages higher for the appropriate keywords.

The secret to successful link building is choosing the right keywords and pages from which to get backlinks. Links can come from forums, blogs, directories and other websites. Still, the most important thing is that the links have a certain amount of relevancy to the web pages you are promoting so that there is a natural semantic connection between the subject matter of the page that is linked from and the page that is linked to.

What are the benefits of backlinks

Backlinks are critical to SEO because, without them, it is tough for your web pages to be found among the thousands and potentially millions of competing pages. Backlinks boost the ranking position of pages by creating a network of links that are spread across the Internet, which are all pointing to the same place and essentially saying, “Hey, look over here if you want to find X”, where ‘X’ could be whatever product you are selling, service you are offering, or essential cause that you wish to promote.

Although, in the past, backlinks have been used by unscrupulous scammers to misdirect people to web pages that are not necessarily what they are looking for, done correctly, backlinks are the underlying basis upon which all the major search engines rank their pages. The main benefit of backlinks, and the most important thing to consider before undertaking an SEO campaign, is that without them, you simply cannot compete with the millions of web pages promoting the same or similar products to your own.

Our Link Building Packages

Starter Professional Corporate
Cost Analysis
Package Price £200 £700 £2400
No. of Link Includes 25 100 500
Permanent Links
Replacement Guarantee 6 Months 6 Months 6 Months
Page Rank of Links Mix Page Rank 0-3 Mix Page Rank 0-3 Mix Page Rank 0-3
Period 2 Days 10 Days 1 Month
Quality Factors
100% Relevant Links
No. of Outbound Links 60 70 80
One Link Per Domain
Cached Links by Googlebot
Process of Building Links Manual Manual Manual
Link Type Text Links Text Links Text Links
Terms for Link Building
No JavaScript Links
No Links From “Framed” Pages
No “Flash” Embedded Links
No Paid or Time-Bound Links
No Links From Link Farms
No Links From FFA Link Networks
No “No Follow” Links
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Links Reports
Keywords Monitoring Report
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